Blazor, A Beginners Guide is intended for developers with some .NET experience. If you’re coming from a non-.NET development background, you may learn some .NET basics along the way, but supplemental material around C# and .NET would be of great help to you.

The book begins with the author’s own perspective on WebAssembly, why it’s important to have choices in web development and offers some insight on why Blazor was created. You’ll then step through an overview where you’ll get familiar with the framework and technology stack. As the book progresses you will see working examples that teach core concepts broadly. Later in the book, topics that require a deeper knowledge are revisited to grasp the fine details so you can make informed decisions about how your apps and components are built.

The intent of the book’s layout is to get you productive quickly. You should be able to navigate and create Blazor projects with ease as you read through the chapters ver …