Byrne, Patrick C., author
Albany, Georgia : Bear Manor Media, 2017.
384 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Introduction — Out of the mouths of babes — A dame of drag — The queen of sex — Rehearsal — Blurring the boundary — Very loud, very fast, and all together — Making explicit what used to be implied — Lights, Camera — Touring the sticks — Up the ladder, wrong by wrong — Only pansies know how — Grab a Dyke, it’s a raid: the law, the Latin lover, La-La Land — East is East, West is West — Gallery of photographs — Cut, Don’t print that! — Command performance, Controversy, Cabaret — I’ve been famous wicked women before; I can be the woman I’ve always wanted to be — Taking IT on tour — I damn well need the dough! — You’ve gotta hold on to fame — Appendix A: Rae and Mae comment on longevity, show business, and life — Appendix B. Films and plays of Mae West — Appendix C. Films of Ray/Rae Bourbon — Appendix D. Sound recordings of Ray/Rae Bourbon — Appendix E. Cookin’ with Mae and Rae.