Deep Learning with R, 2nd Edition shows you how to put deep learning into action. It’s based on the revised new edition of François Chollet’s bestselling Deep Learning with Python. All code and examples have been expertly translated to the R language by Tomasz Kalinowski, who maintains the Keras and Tensorflow R packages at RStudio. Novices and experienced ML practitioners will love the expert insights, practical techniques, and important theory for building neural networks.

Deep learning has become essential knowledge for data scientists, researchers, and software developers. The R language APIs for Keras and TensorFlow put deep learning within reach for all R users, even if they have no experience with advanced machine learning or neural networks. This book shows you how to get started on core DL tasks like computer vision, natural language processing, and more using R.

Deep Learning with R, 2nd Edition is a hands-on guide to deep learning using the R l …