The aim of Clean Water Using Solar and Wind is to make water professionals aware of the possibilities that solar photo-voltaic (PV) and wind offer to bring, not only clean energy but also clean water to remote and rural areas in Africa and developing Asia as well as in many peri-urban areas in the developing world. These areas are located outside the conventional electric grids and a grid connection is usually not economically feasible. The systems are scalable and can be designed to any size, from the household level to village and community levels. It also means that more capacity can be readily added when demand increases.

Two important factors are emphasized: economy and geopolitics. Renewable energy sources are products of manufacturing. Using mass manufacturing means that the cost is related to economy of scale. The fact that manufacturing in principle can be conducted anywhere means that renewables can offer genuine energy security. The cost is up-front and then the “fuel” is free. There is no geopolitical pressure where one country has deposits of a fossil fuel but another does not. Renewables promise an end to the era where energy security is closely related to geopolitics.

This book brings new perspectives concerning decentralized water treatment. Cost development is the key driving force.

Publication Date: 
Saturday, 15 September, 2018