On January 23, representatives of several European & International Booksellers Federation member organizations gathered online for this year’s first quarterly EIBF international call, which allows members to share insights, struggles and progress from their respective countries.

  • France: In 2022, overall sales declined 7.1%, but were still up 7% over 2019.
  • Ireland: “More money was spent on books in 2022 than ever before” … but ongoing supply-chain issues from the U.K. and rising energy and staff costs are challenging, and 2022 Christmas footfall was down for almost half of booksellers compared to the previous year.
  • Germany: 2022 sales at bricks-and-mortar bookshops grew 4.8% over 2021.

The full article includes highlights from other countries including the Netherlands, UK, China, Finland, New Zealand and Slovakia.