Amid the ongoing protests that began last week in response to the murder of George Floyd, the industry has seen an unprecedented surge in the sale of antiracist titles, and as lists of antiracist books have circulated online, so, too, have lists of Black-owned independent bookstores to support.

Over the past week, Loyalty Bookstores in Washington, D.C., and Silver Springs, Md., have seen roughly 10 times their weekly orders per day, reported founder Hannah Oliver Depp…

…”Honestly, I am stunned,” said Depp. So many times before there have been calls to support Black, women-owned businesses, which usually are met with only brief increases. This time, though, it’s been growing for days. “I think the reason for this difference is that we’re focused now on anti-racism, as opposed to centering whiteness and finding ways for people to worry about if they appear racist. The focus is on our actions, not our words.”