Beyond Spreadsheets with R shows you how to take raw data and transform it for use in computations, tables, graphs, and more. You’ll build on simple programming techniques like loops and conditionals to create your own custom functions. You’ll come away with a toolkit of strategies for analyzing and visualizing data of all sorts using R and RStudio.

Spreadsheets are powerful tools for many tasks, but if you need to interpret, interrogate, and present data, they can feel like the wrong tools for the task. That’s when R programming is the way to go. The R programming language provides a comfortable environment to properly handle all types of data. And within the open source RStudio development suite, you have at your fingertips easy-to-use ways to simplify complex manipulations and create reproducible processes for analysis and reporting.

With Beyond Spreadsheets with R you’ll learn how to go from raw data to meaningful insights using R and RStudio. Each car …