Program the Raspberry Pi Pico, the latest microcontroller board from, with MicroPython. This book will take you on a tour of the Raspberry Pi Pico, including how to get started using the microcontroller, seeing which alternative microcontrollers are available, and how to connect and run simple code examples.

You’ll program example projects in MicroPython using Python on your PC as a learning platform. Then build your hardware skillset working with electronics and breadboard circuits. You’ll implement example projects with all steps explained, including hardware connections and executing the project. Then apply them to real-world, approachable projects using the accessible Raspberry Pi Pico!

The book shows how the cloud is used for IoT data and find out what popular cloud systems currently exist for IoT. Finally, you’ll use ThingSpeak for hosting IoT data including connecting your Pico to the Internet.

Beginning MicroPython …