Learn to use the jOOQ library to manage SQL database operations in Java and JVM applications. This book walks you through what JOOQ is, how to install and get started with it, and then gets you working with it.

Practical examples and case studies demonstrate how jOOQ offers a more efficient and versatile alternative to Object-Relational Mapping frameworks like Hibernate and JPA, while providing a natural, native-SQL feeling for the developer. You’ll see how to maximize the full potential of your SQL database with advanced query syntax and functions with this lightweight, SQL-friendly framework. Come see how you can use high performance approaches like reactive, data streaming and cloud-native programming to get data from SQL tables.
Never write another incorrect SQL statement again and protect your application from SQL injection with the strong typing and inbuilt controls in jOOQ. Learn how to add jOOQ to your existing Hibernate, Spring Boot or Quarkus application …