Yogev, Sara, author.
346 pages ; 23 cm
Making yourself and your marriage ready for retirement — Learning to let go of work and making the psychological shift to retirement — Finding your purpose in retirement — Readjusting the togetherness-separation balance — The transition – making it easier for yourself and your marriage — Gendered retirement – the different responses of men and women — The pyschological meaning of money — The household arena — Friendship –Family matters — Relocation — Alcohol consumption in retirement years — New unions – cohabitation and living apart together (LAT) in the later stage of life — The impact of technology on marriage and retirement-age adults — The best retirement.
A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement is the most comprehensive book devoted entirely to relationship issues in retirement. Not a treatise on money management, this is a much-needed guide to the psychological aspects of retirement and how to make your retirement relationship happy, fruitful, loving, and successful. The updated edition also includes sections about substance abuse and technology. It is crucial that couples prepare themselves, and their marriages, psychologically for life after retirement. A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement shows you how to do that so that you’ll have the time of your lives.